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Service & Repairs 

UB Diving has an increasing number of service technicians, who specialize in repairing and servicing SCUBA equipment. We aim to ensure functionality and safety for all types of equipment. We take pride in our work and promise to provide the highest quality of care for your gear.

If you have any questions about any of the services we offer, or anything we haven't mentioned, feel free to contact us!

Regulator Service - NITROX clean is always included.

Regulator Service Price
Each Regulator
1st Stage, 2nd Stage or Octopus (Alternate)
 $35 +tax

Your regulator is what keeps you alive underwater, that's a pretty good reason to keep up with the yearly service it requires! 

Our certified technicians will clean and service your regulators with the utmost attention to detail and professionalism. 

Drysuit & Kayak suit repairs 

Suit Repair Prices
Pressure Test:
 Patch Hole:
 *Seal & zipper replacements vary based on material. 

A drysuit should keep you dry, so if yours doesn't, we can fix it!  

We pride ourselves in our neck seal replacements (neoprene, latex and silicone), wrist seal replacements, zipper replacements, pressure tests and patches. 

Tank Service

Tank Service Prices
Visual Inspection, valve cleaning and air fill
 $28 +tax
Hydro Test:
  $40 +tax
 Tank Tumble:
 $40 +tax
 Oxygen Cleaning to 40%  

All SCUBA cylinders require maintenance in order to perform to their best ability. SCUBA facilities will also not fill your tank if it is not up to date with its servicing. Visual inspections are required annually; Hydrostatic testing is required every five years. Here at UB Diving we offer both services.