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Gently Used Gear for Sale

Here at UB Diving, we receive a wide range of nearly new and gently used SCUBA gear that our customers are looking to sell. You can stay up to date with these products here on our website, on our Facebook page, or by popping by the store to check out these deals!

Regulators & Gauges & Computers 

Oceanic Alpha

1st/2nd stage with octo.

(requires servicing)


Scubapro MK25

w/sherwood octo and sherwood computer

(needs service)


Scubapro MK17

w/beachat octo and Sunto computer

(needs service)


Scuba Pro Regs (not serviced)

MK17 and R295 

Octo and Guages

$ 400

Scubapro MK25 regs W/slimline octo,computer and gauge (requires service)


Aries XR1

Dive computer

wrist mount

Brand new in box. (no nitrox)


Nitec dive computer

Calypso W/SPG

needs service


ABS and Genesis Octos

need service

$50 each

Genesis 200 w/first stage

Need service


Drysuits & Wetsuits 

Brooks Suit

Size 8 or 9 boots

Size ML?

hand warmer,

great cond

$ 400

Viking HD Dry Suit

(no valves)

Size #2 wide


BARE 7mm



Size Womans 10

Seatux Drysuit

Size Med

8 boots

No valves

No leaks


Whites Fusion 

Size 2/3 w/rings


Whites Fusion

size 2/3

w/dry rings


Drysuit Underwear

Fourth Element 

Drysuit Underwear 

2 Piece: Farmer John and Jacket

(1 XXL)

$200 per set

Whites fleece Underware

Size XL


Weezle Extreme Underware 

Size L


Whites Fleece Underware

Size XL


Heat Vest

Size L


Bare XCDX drysuit

Size LG w/11 boots and viking rings

No Leaks



Scuba Pro

Glide Plus 


Size Small

$ 300

Mares Kaila BCD


Size Large


Oceanic BCD

size med

weight integrated




weight integrated

Like New


Plastic Backplates $50 each

Seaquest Libra BCD

Size Small

Needs weight pockets

$ 100.00

Scubapro Ladyhawk

Size LG womens

weight integrated


Apeks WTX 


Size LG

ScubaPro X tek

size LG

comes with 2 bladders and weight pockets


Hoods, Boots & Gloves

Whites Heat Hood

size med


Whites Heat Hood

size lg


Whites Rock Boots

size 10


Whites Rock Boots

size 10


Whites Neo sock

size 10/11

$13.00 pr

(2 pairs avail)

4th Element G1 liners (1.5mm)

size xl


Aqualung Kai gloves

size sm


Mask, Snorkel & Fins


Cressi Sub Frog fins

Size ML

$ 75.00

Oceanic Viper fins

Size XL



Tusa Xpert Zoom

 Full Foot Fins

Size 7-9


Oceanic Viper fins

Size XL


Oceanic Fin straps
complete set
$12.00 set

Dacor Tiger Fins




Ikelite Dive Light


2x Spear Guns (Top one is sold) 

$100 each 

Aqualung Reg bag

Brand new


Wrist mount compass

New in box


Sola 600 Light


Sunto Compass


Uwatec Computer


C8 Light



Low Pressure 72s
Hydro and Vis
in Sept 2016
$ 200.00

Steel High Pressure

DIN valves

current vis and hydro

$250.00 each