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UB Diving. Voted #1 dive shop by a bunch of divers.

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Gear Reviews- by local divers

Aqualung Legend series LX, LUX Supreme with Auto Close Device

The BEST REGULATOR built at any price by any company today.

The Aqualung Legend series of regulators have no competition anywhere in the industry. As a technician that services many different brands, services hundreds each year I am convinced there is not a better built, more logically designed regulator anywhere. I defy any manufacturer or diver anywhere to put any priced regulator up against the LEGEND ACD.

Add FREE ANUAL SERVICE PARTS FOR LIFE then ask why would anyone buy anything else?

-Sean Smyrichinsky

To: UBDiving

From: Rob M. Commercial superviser Campbell River.

Man, I dove my new LEGEND today, I took her deep on laborious dives it was unreal! I had no idea a regulator could breathe like that! Why the &^%@ have I been diving a ******** all these years? WOW! Thanks again, cheers!

Aqualung i3 BCDs

"I recently purchased an Axiom i3 BCD from UB Diving and have since put about 10 dives on it. I am fairly new to diving and when I was renting a standard hose inflator BCD I found I was having trouble dumping air to control my buoyancy, as I couldn’t reach up high enough to dump the air. So I decided to try the i3 because it features a lever-based inflation system. There is a small lever on the left side pocket that controls both inflation and deflation, which means you don’t have to adjust your position at all to dump air. I’ve found that this allows me to fine tune my buoyancy to the point where I can control it just with my breathing and hover inches off the bottom. It also helps with streamlining because it draws your hands back to your sides. All in all I have been quite happy with my purchase. Stay posted for a warm water review after the UB Diving trip to the Dutch Antilles this winter! "

- Dylan, customer

Unlike Dylan, I was a little skeptical about the i3 inflation system. I'm currently testing the Aqualung Soul i3 (basically the female version of the Axiom) and my main concern was simply about instruction. I didn't see the point of having the i3 on my BCD while demonstrating to Discover Scuba students how to use their traditional inflators, however, these BCDs are versatile. A traditional inflation hose can be easily added and removed if desired. The i3 system is more convenient and precise than I expected and I'm having fun playing around with it. The Soul itself is designed to fit short people and people with hips, which is really nice if you're a short person with hips!

- Carrie, UB Diving Team

Aqualung Axiom i3

Aqualung Soul i3